Engelska Nationella "Prov"

Nu har vi skrivit ett litet "prov", för att öva. Vi hade en timme på oss, skrev väl inte så mycket, men.
Nu har vi strax rast, vi ska spela kort!

When I think about music, the one thing that pops into my head is singing. I believe that I sing every day, even without thinking about it. My mom once told me, that when I was little, I once sang myself to sleep.

It was about three years ago, that I discovered my singing voice. I know, everybody can sing, but I just never really tried it seriously. And let me just say, I loved it.

So, the first time my kind of pushing singing teacher talked me into singing for an audience, I was pretty nervous. I got out there, determined to do my best. And when it was over, I just couldn't wait to go out there again!

But one thing that I'll never forget is when my friend, Helena, needed some help.

She was supposed to play the piano and sing the song Right Here, Right Now by Agnes in the mall Citykompaniet, and in the last minute, she got a cold.

Desperate, she asked me if I wanted to sing it with her. Only a couple of hours before the concert! Without even practicing, we had to rush off into the city to get ready. We were in school that day, and I also had a test.

Listening to the other singers and piano players, I started to get a little nervous. If you've been in that mall, you know how people can look down on you from the other floors. So, I just couldn't look up, facing all those people.

Just staring into the papers, Helena began to play. And I sang. My voice was shaking, and my heart was beating fast. It wasn't fun, it wasn't fun at all.

Sometimes, doing something hard or something that makes me nervous, I look back on the time I sang that song. "I survived with all those people staring at me; of course I can survive this."

Love /M.

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